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The role of the x-ray machine in the diagnosis of numerous conditions is vital. We have a new, high quality digital x-ray machine which allows us to take accurate x-rays and rapidly assess bone, soft tissue and other internal (or foreign) structures.

In-house Laboratory

Our laboratory facilities allow us to get accurate and rapid blood results in house. This means if your pet is unwell and we need to take a blood sample we are able to do so and have results within the hour. Similarly before any operation is undertaken we offer the option of performing a ‘pre-anaesthetic blood screen’ to ensure there are no underlying problems that may compromise your pet during anaesthesia.

We are also able to perform cytology which is the study of cells using our microscope. This allows us to rapidly assess microscopic elements found in fluid samples, lumps, ears, and even urine and faeces which aid in reaching a diagnosis.

We also perform urinalysis in house which is useful for any cases where we may suspect kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, diabetes, urinary tract infections and a variety of other conditions.

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